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What we shoot: people mainly (at their weddings,  in their finery, in their place of work, at their hobby, at awards ceremonies, wherever people may be). we like people.

We also shoot: stuff that people like most (their fashion, their food, their vehicles, and their homes )

And we shoot that lot: here, there, and everywhere and yep “everywhere” means we will get there by train or plane.

We DON’T do: porn, ladz magz, anything military, lakes and rivers (if it means working in or on them), animals, north or south poles (too damn cold! :-)), nor do we work miracles ( but we sure try :-))

And we love: sexy glass i.e. lenses to drool over (Canon L, Carl Zeiss, Leica, Schneider)

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PLA, Wed 21 Nov 2012